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Permanent epilation with MEDICAL diode laser Epilia 808 nm

About treatment

If you are tired of frequent shaving, subsequent rashes, hair ingrowth, or spending money on painful waxing, it is more time and cost effective to undergo laser hair removal that can effectively remove facial and body hair. At our clinic we use the latest medical diode 808 nm laser, which is considered the so-called gold standard for laser hair removal. Compared to other lasers, the EPILIA RF laser can now also treat lighter or finer hairs and thanks to the dual cooling system the treatment is virtually painless.

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How does the EPILIA RF work?

The EPILIA RF is a quantum leap in laser hair removal technology. It is the first medical diode laser to combine two energy sources – the German laser diode and the radio frequency waveform, which together create a synergistic effect for more efficient and safer treatment. The laser beam is absorbed in a fraction of a second by the pigment found in the hair follicle. If the hair is lighter or thinner, it is also affected by a radiofrequency wave, which is not bound to the pigment in the hair and, thanks to the cooling of the upper skin layer, effectively acts in deeper layers where it destroys its root including the onion. EPILIA RF laser is therefore also used in clinics in Germany and Sweden.

What is the difference between IPL, diode and alexandrite laser treatment?

A study published in the medical journal “Lasers in Medical Science” confirmed that the least effective means of hair removal is intense pulsed light (IPL), requiring a high number of repetitions, long lasting results, and darker phototypes cannot be safely treated. The most effective of all three types of devices has been the treatment of hair with diode lasers. The alexandrite laser treatment (e.g. GentleLase) is more painful and less effective than the diode laser treatment (e.g. EPILIA RF) due to the absence of contact cooling and the use of a lower wavelength that transmits more light.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually it is necessary to complete a series of at least 5 – 6 sessions with a spacing of approx. 4 – 10 weeks depending on the treated area. Repetition is necessary because the treatment is effective only for hairs that are in the stage of active growth (the so-called anagen), in which currently only about 20% of hairs from the treated locality are present.

Are there any limitations before and after treatment?

Do not pluck hair for at least 4 weeks before treatment. You can only shave or trim them, otherwise the laser's efficiency will be reduced. It is also not recommended to undergo treatment on freshly tanned skin. Shave the hair smoothly the day before treatment. After the treatment we recommend to moisturize the skin for several days with panthenol or aloe vera products and to avoid sauna or pool visits that could cause skin irritation. Min. Do not apply spray antiperspirant / deodorant for 12 hours. Avoid UV radiation on the treated area min. 2 weeks after treatment (you can use creams with SPF 50).

What are the advantages of EPILIA RF medical laser treatment over other diode lasers?

Thanks to the revolutionary technology of interaction of two energy sources in the EPILIA RF laser, it is possible to treat lighter or finer hairs for which other devices are not effective. The laser also has a special tip that continuously cools the skin, making the treatment almost painless and as safe as possible for the skin. In more sensitive areas such as the armpit, intimate area or face, treatment with the German numbing platform - Cryo 6 - can also be used at no extra cost.

Will you treat me with a really good laser?

EPILIA RF has many years of experience in producing hair removal diode lasers, and besides DEPILIGHT and VIKINI, the EPILIA RF is the latest in their model range. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment, lasers and other medical devices of the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology, certified as medical devices and tested at the prestigious SGS in the UK. Among other things, he holds 8 patents, 7 utility models and a FDA certificate for laser hair removal (the strict US Federal Office for the Control of Drugs and Medical Devices). It is by no means a Chinese machine, which is often used in beauty salons with very low prices. Always make sure it is not a Chinese laser before choosing your workplace.

Who will perform the treatment?

The treatment is carried out by university educated medical staff. At the same time, the laser specialist also acts as a trainer of physicians for working with lasers for BP Medical.


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1 x ošetření jednoho podpaží ZDARMA!

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